Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny URLs that mean something else.

A new book has revealed some of the Internet's most inadvertently amusing web addresses. This hilarious book is aptly named
"Slurls: They Called Their Website What?"

Why inadvertently?
Because of this rule that there should not be a space in the URL, this confusion occurs leading to funny words when read differently.

Here are some examples:

* The home page for celebrity agent database Who Represents, is addressed (got it?)

* An Italian home page for energy company Powergen carries the address "powergenitalia".

* Experts Exchange - a site where programmers can exchange advice - is listed at (read it again if you are not smart)

* Speed of Art - an art collective - can be reached at

* Therapist Finder - a directory for therapy services - is located at

I wonder why the Internet Technologies have not yet found a solution to allow space in the URL!

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