Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Incredible India.

Ours is a nation :
* Where Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance & police,

* Where you get car loan @ 5% and education loan @ 12%,

* Where rice is Rs 40/- per kg but sim card is free,

* Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating the money to any charity,

* Where the foot wears, we wear, are sold in AC showrooms, but vegetables, that we eat, are sold at footpath,

* Where everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to follow the path to be famous,

* Where we make lemon juices with artificial flavours and dish wash liquids with real lemon.

* Where people standing at tea stall reading an article about child labour from a newspaper and say,"yaar bachhonse kaam karvane wale ko to phansi par chadha dena chahiye" and then they shout "Oye chhotu 2 chaii laao....."

Incredible India ,
Mera Bharat Mahaan


  1. It is one of those oxymoron s... a lamentable comedy in our